Linaw Beachfront Resort Panglao Island, Bohol

Linaw Beach Resort and Restaurant Panglao Island, Bohol provides the idyllic getaway to enjoy nature’s gift.

linaw beach resort panglao island bohol

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Linaw Beach Resort and Restaurant offers an unforgettable family experience that will leave you and your children feeling relaxed and rejuvenated at the pool or into the white sand beach. These Beachfront resort is known for its natural beauty and quiet luxury. Simplified refinement and unobtrusive efficiency.

Magnificent dining is part of the holiday experience at Linaw Beach Resort and Restaurant, with a variety of culinary styles to choose. Hi-class room services provides the style and atmosphere to suit whatever the mood, while satisfying the palate is a delicious selection of Asian, Continental and seafood specialties, all expertly prepared. There are also pleasingly different settings for drinks and light refreshments in relaxed and informal settings at the white sand beach dining area.

Next Stop – Philippines – Philippines travel guide

Next Stop – Philippines a Philippines travel guide for those of you wondering what its like traveling in the Philippines.
A short guide to the wonders of the Philippines.

Next Stop - Philippines - travel guideNext Stop – Philippines a Philippines travel guide for those of you wondering what its like traveling in the Philippines.
A short guide to the wonders of the Philippines.

The Philippines is a wonderful country. Every foreigner that has visited the Philippines receive a warm friendly welcome from Filipinos. People in the big cities, such as Manila, have revised to more western culture. However, many people from the city do come from Provencal areas and most are still deeply rooted to traditional Filipino ways and traditions.

There are still tribal people here that maintain their heritage and culture despite the unavoidable influence of modern western culture, traveling to remote places in the Philippines and meeting traditional Filipino tribes and experiencing their culture and heritage is the best way to see how the Filipinos lived before the arrival of the Spanish in the 1600s.

The Filipino culture have frequent fiestas throughout the 7107 islands of the Philippines, where there is sure to be a fiesta somewhere locally, to really enjoy the culture one must try and participate in a Fiesta or 2 or 3 :), to experience the Filipino, food and culture in its entirety. Conservative Filipinos share a belief with the Chinese that not finishing your food on your plate is taboo and rude, so make sure you eat what you take.

The Filipinos also believe heavily in the presence of spirits, ghosts, elves, and spirits. Some Filipinos are deeply religious and devout people.
For more information about traveling to the Philippines, Below are some great reference website you can visit.
and Mabuhi Philippines.

A little courtesy goes a long way here in the Philippines. Filipinos are a friendly and hospitable people. Take the time to smile and say “thank you”, and you’ll receive much better responses. You will receive an even better response if you throw in a little Tagalog, such as “salamat”, which means “thank you”. When talking to the people who are usually old enough to be your parents or grandparents in Filipino, it is greatly appreciated to include po in your sentences such as salamat po, call them also by Tito(Uncle), Tita(Aunt), Manong(Mr.) or Manang(Mrs./Ms.), Ate or Kuya(a word used to people older than you. If you have a conflict, stay relaxed, make a joke and smile no matter what. Getting angry and/or yelling is not tolerated by Filipinos and will not get you anywhere here. You will also lose all respect.